Sublima Automatic Coffee Machine

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The Sublima is one of the best machines on the market the results are phenomenal. You have to taste its espresso and cappuccino to believe how good it really is.

The Sublima reaches a brewing pressure of 14 bar which offers unrivalled espresso extraction and superior crema. It also froths milk 30 per cent faster than other machines meaning you can serve your customers a thick and creamy cappuccino almost as soon as they walk through the door. In addition it has three levels of temperature control which can be adjusted to complement any blend of coffee.

  • Available in 2 or 3 groups
  • 11.4 / 18 litre boiler (respectively)
  • Up to 250 cups/day (for 2 group) or 500 cups/day (for 3 group)
  • Available with two steam wands or one hyperwand and one steam wand
  • One moveable hot water tap.
  • Raised group heads (tall cup) allow for takeaway cups
  • 2 versions available
    • Sublima Easy - with Hyperwand (automatic steam arm). Even the most inexperienced operator can produce perfect microfoamed milk. Also has a standard steam arm with twin position lever control
    • Sublima Pro - with 2 standard steam arms with tap operation for the experienced Barista
  • Raised group heads (tall cup) allowing for takeaway cups
  • Stunning contemporary design.


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