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ICR Touch

ICRTouch is the UKs leading Hospitality and retail EPOS software & is the product of more than 29 yearsof EPOS experience. With over 25,000 copies in use daily, in Pubs, Restaurants, Clubs, Cafés, Schools, & Canteens, in fact almost anywhere there's a need for a reliable, easy to maintain touchscreen system there's a Touchscreen running ICRTouch Software. ICRTouch, TMS back office software& PocketTouch handheld orderpads fulfill any requirment of a hospitality environment. ICRTouch runs on most leading makes of touchscreen hardware.

it also offers:

Scale Link - We have developed a scale link that allows the EPoS terminal to interface with Avery's FX120 & CAS' PDII scale with ICRTouch. This is fully certificated by NWML (National Weights and Measures Laboratory).

Label Printing -Barcode and Shelf Edge labels can be printed from TMS.

Barcode Scanning - Barcode scanning is available via wide variety of makes and models that either use or emulate a serial or PS2 connection. Using Metrologic's Voyager or Orbit scanners with ICRTouch you'll have a simple plug and play option.

Chip and PIN - An integrated Chip and PIN solution is fully available with ICRTouch using the bureau service providers YESpay or Commidea via Windows XP, Vista and WEPOS. In a joint project with both providers we have now developed the CE versions of YESpay's YesEFT and Commidea's Ocius4CE.

Change Dispensing - Reduce transaction times and cash loss via genuine errors with the fully automated Telequip T-Flex coin dispenser and ICRTouch. Using this solution gives the correct change - every time!

Caller ID - Developed primarily for the Take Away market, ICRTouch links with the "Meteor". A device that plugs into the phone line of the business and passes the incoming number to ICRTouch which if added previously (existing customer) will display their name or if new, give the option to add them to the customer database in ICRTouch.

HHT Stocktaking - Using the Casio DT-X7 hand held terminal with TMS, the operation is able to utilise an integrated stock taking process using the barcode labels on the product.




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