Samsung SPS-1000

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Samsung SPS-1000


The features on this model are incredible. 4 separately accessed check tracking files allow transfer of sales between bar tabs, tables, rooms and city ledger. All can be cleared or updated individually. You can even get reports on stock usage projections, wasted items and items sold by clerk.


Pop-up windows for easy operation. Window look-up (WLU) allows you to display a list of items, condiments and/or functions.

Employee Timekeeping Accommodates payroll periods.

Inventory Control.

Standard and user definable reports (financial, daily sales, sales by time periods, inventory, etc)

User definable electronic journal



Dot matrix kitchen/bar/audit printer.

High speed, silent thermal printer for bill/receipt printing.

Flatbed slip printer.

Barcode scanners including cordless radio frequency.

High speed modem for communications to PC.

Link to Smart Card System.

Link to EFT terminal.

Hotel link.

Flowmetre System.

Remote Pole Display.

Utility Software.

Clerk keys.

Extra memory boards and extra serial port board.

Cash Drawer.



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