Cashless Systems for Schools

The Cashless Catering System allows schods, parents and students to monitor and control exactly what is being purchased from school catering facilities. Benefits include;


Reduce bullying, help reduce obesity, flag allergic reactive foods, monitor and control spend, limit spend by time period, stock control facilities, supplier purchasing, wastage control, margin control and minimise cash handling.

Sycamore are able to provide schools with a reliable, easy to use cashless catering application using EPoS terminals (tills), ICRTouch EPOS soft­ ware and our revaluation unit, CIRV).IRV is a point of sale terminal that allows the student to "top up" their card by cash.


ICRTouch interfaces with Parent Pay, the application provider, supplying hundreds of UK schools wit h a payment collection and income management solution. This allows the parents to securely deposit money into their account that can then be spent by the child via card at the catering points around their school.




The till and card reader talk to TMS our back office application which hosts the student details and in turn TMS interfaces with Parent Pay, drawing over student balances and deposits so that they can be spent via their cashless catering card.

ICRTouch can activate student accounts via either of two card pla forms or fingerprint reading:



Swipe Cards utilise internal MS card readers on the tills. Cards can be blocked if lost or[stolen.



Mifare cards are a higher specification and can support other applications such as access centrol, print applications etc. Mifare cards are proximity

cards and only require close contact with the reader not physical contact, so there is no need for cards to be hand led by staff so minimising risk of the spread of infectious disease.


Biometrics (Fingerprints)


We have now developed tills and the revalua tion unit to work with Biometrics readers that will allow the system to run without cards.


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